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Our factory specializes in producing national standard (GB-T3478-1995) German standard, American standard, and other non-standard products, including internal spline broaches......
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How to improve straight-sided spline broach
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  Use straight edge spline broach processing steering shaft universal joint splined fork sliding when there are often cutting heat is too large, BUE residual severe burning knife phenomenon, and a little tool wear, cutting force that is growing rapidly large, the tool to pull off, seriously affected the normal production. To solve this problem, we are straight edge spline broach analyzed and improved. An original analysis of the original problem broach broaches broaching broaching way for forming, broaching larger, resulting in broaching a larger force. As the smaller diameter broaching (spline path to Ø22 +0.13 mm), pull the knife in order to ensure strength, when the choice of the original design broach the smaller the amount of tooth-liter (SZ = 0.055mm), but the amount of tooth rise over Xiao Yi resulting in a thin layer of chips, a little wear and tear when the broach (the tip passivation), the broaching of the workpiece may be formed on the surface extrusion (not cut), so that the front of the cutter are no chips generated cogging . When close to the fine teeth broach when broaching the surface of the workpiece by the elastic recovery after extrusion, so that the amount of instantaneous cutter tooth-liter increase, broaching force also increases rapidly, causing teeth to fight the phenomenon, thereby enabling the tool to pull off. At this point, cutter flank wear also squeezed in a serious condition, a lot of heat generated by the cutting tool further exacerbated the extent of the damage. 2 broach structure improvements from the above analysis, the original pull-liter volume is too small cutter is mainly caused by broaching the issue, but simply increase the amount of teeth are bound to rise to the cutting force increases. There are usually two ways to reduce the cutting force: First, increasing the pitch, while a reduction of broaching teeth; Second, reduce the cutting area. Increasing the pitch will increase the length of broach, slender shape of the broach, not desirable, it is generally used method of reducing the cutting area. For broaches, round profile may be cut using the same method to reduce the cutting area of ​​each cutter. Improve the design of the cross-sectional shape cutter broach cutter chamfer using the opposite side, both for the grinding process, but also to eliminate the cutting torque when broaching, spline tooth to ensure precision. After grinding out the bevel angle can reduce the side edge of the extrusion processing flank friction, thereby reducing the broaching force, reduce cutting heat. Broach the improved design, the amount of tooth rise to SZ = 0.11mm, it will give the cutter teeth reduced, shortening the length of broach. In addition, before broaching the hole reaming process for the pre-processing, the processing size of Ø22-0.2mm, so you can pull the knife guide portion sizes increased to Ø21.8-0.040-0.073mm, so the risk of cross-section can broach diameter increases, broaches a corresponding increase in strength. 3 Improved machining results through improved design, broaches broaching the form of change, pull the cutting edge level of the cutting area before the situation improved, hardened into a cut from the extruded strip, thereby improving the cutting conditions. Thus, in the broaching force to allow as much as to increase the amount of tooth-liter broaching help improve quality. Tooth-liter capacity was raised, good cutter cut, machined surface elastic deformation is small, can effectively reduce the extrusion friction, heat decreased significantly so that the cutting, burning tooth disappears. Improved broach with favorable results, broaching light (after testing, the cutting force reduced by 30%), tool life doubled. After broaching cutter uniformity of alveolar size of the chip, and easy to clean. As the cutter blade does not produce anterior extrusion, the rebound surface has a small amount of processing, processing, dimensional stability, improved precision.
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