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CNC Broach proper use
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CNC broach the proper use of the following six: 1. Broach clamping machining center broach way they use a spring clip package, when used in a cantilever state. In the broaching process, sometimes from the knife blade may be pulled out gradually in the folder, or even fall, resulting in scrapped parts of the phenomenon, the reason is usually because the toolholder shank within the hole and pull the knife between the outside diameter film, resulting in insufficient clamping force. Broach the factory are usually coated with anti-rust oil, if using non-water-soluble cutting oil cutting, will be attached to the toolholder bore film layer of mist, when the knife handle and knife folders exist on the film, the toolholder is difficult to firmly clamp handle, pull the knife in the process is easy to loose in the fall. So pull the knife clamping, should first milling toolholder shank and the Department of cleaning fluid within the hole with clean, dry and then the fixture. When the broach diameter is large, even if the handle and toolholder are clean, or accidents that may occur off the knife, then the gap should be used with the flattened side of the handle and locking the corresponding way. Broach clamping Another problem that may occur after the processing in the broach in the port at the broken knife folder, the reason is because the tool holder is generally used for too long, knife folder into a cone-shaped port due to the Department of worn, you should replacement of the toolholder. 2. Broach broaches and vibration as there is a small gap between the toolholder, tool in the process so there may be vibration. Circular knife blade vibration will pull the knife to eat the amount of non-uniform, and cut expansion than the original value increases, the machining accuracy and tool life. But when the processing of the groove width is too small, they can purposefully make the tool vibration, expansion by increasing the amount of cut to obtain the required width, but in this case should broach the maximum amplitude limit 0.02mm or less, otherwise it can not be stable cutting. In normal processing Broach vibration as possible. When the tool vibration, should consider reducing the cutting speed and feed rate, as both are still 40 percent larger after the vibration, you should consider reducing the amount of knife to eat. Such as processing system in the resonance, the reason may be cutting too large, the feed rate is too small, the system less rigid tool, workpiece clamping force is not enough and the shape of the workpiece or workpiece clamping methods, factors, time should be taken to adjust the cutting consumption, increase tool system stiffness, improve the feed rate and other measures. 3. Broach cutting edge of the end of the workpiece in the mold cavity such as CNC milling, when the cutting point for the concave parts or deep cavity, the need to lengthen the amount of pull the knife out. If you pull the knife edge with long, due to the deflection of a larger tool, easy tool to vibrate and cause breakage. Therefore, in the process, if only near the end of the tool to participate in cutting edge, it is best to use the tool longer Duanren total length of long-handled type broaches. Horizontal CNC machine tools in use on large-diameter broaching workpiece, due to the deformation of the tool produced a greater weight, but great care should be prone to side cutting edge issues. In the long edge must broach the case, it would take a significant reduction in cutting speed and feed rate. 4. The selection of cutting parameters cutting speed depends on the choice of the workpiece material; feed rate depends on the choice of the workpiece material and pull the knife diameter. Some foreign manufacturers of cutting tools cutting tool cutting tool parameters with the sample selection table for reference. But while the choice of cutting parameters by the machine tool system, the workpiece shape and clamping methods, and many other factors, should be adjusted according to actual situation cutting speed and feed rate. When the tool life of priority factors, may be appropriate to reduce the cutting speed and feed rate; when the chip from the edge of a bad situation, may be appropriate to increase the cutting speed. 5 ways to choose from along the cutting milling helps prevent blade damage, can improve tool life. But there are two points to note: ① If the ordinary machining, feed mechanism should seek to eliminate the gap; ② When the surface residual casting, forging process to form the oxide film, or other hardened layer, it is desirable milling. 6. Carbide Broach Broach using high-speed steel is used within the more general requirements, the choice of cutting conditions even slightly improper, not to be too much problem. Although the carbide broach cutting at high speed with good wear resistance, but its use is less than high speed steel broaches a wide range, and the tool cutting conditions must be in strict conformity with the requirements.
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