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Yuhuan Kaiyin Tools Factory is located in Yuhuan, in the middle of gold coast of sou theast of zhejiang, which is in the between
of Ningbo and Wenzhou.
Our factory specializes in producing national standard (GB-T3478-1995) German standard, American standard, and other non-standard products, including internal spline broaches......
  Product categories
Round broach
Keyseat broach series
Spline broach series
Rectangle spline
Triangular spline
Involute spline
Non-standard series
Process of Spline shaft grinding
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The basic classification of cutting tools
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  Tool by the workpiece surface can be divided into five categories. Processing of the outer surface of the tool, including turning, planing, milling cutters, broaches and the outer surface of the rasp, etc.; hole cutting tools including drills, reamers, boring tools, reamers and broaches and other inner surface; thread processing tools, including tap, die, automatic opening and closing the first thread cutting, thread turning and thread milling cutters, etc.; gear cutting tools including hobs, shaper cutters, shaving cutters, bevel gear cutting tools, etc.; cutting tools, including inserts tooth circular saw blades, band saw, bow saw, cut off the lathe and saw milling and so on. In addition, combination tools. By cutting the Movement and the corresponding blade shape, the tool can be divided into three categories. Common tools, such as turning, planing, milling (not including forming turning tools, forming and milling cutter planer), boring tools, drill bits, reamers, reamer, and saws; forming tool, such tool blade workpiece to be machined with a cross-section with the same or nearly the same shape, such as forming turning tools, forming planer, milling cutter, broaches, reamers and various cone thread processing tools, etc.; develop into a processing tool is to use exhibition gear into law tooth surface or similar parts, such as hobs, shaper cutters, shaving cutters, planer and bevel gear bevel gear cutter and so on. The structure of the tool and work by clamping some parts. Overall structure of the tool clamping part and have done some work on the tool body; tipped structural part of the work tool (cutter or blade) mounted on the cutter body is set on. Tool clamping part of a hole and shank types. To rely on bore hole tool set in the machine tool spindle or mandrel, with axial pass key or end key to reverse the moment, such as cylindrical milling, face milling and other nested. Cast iron electrode.
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