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Identify and resolve common blade failure modes
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Blade failure and its adverse impact on the production equipment is similar to the athletes wear a pair of quality running shoes. As athletes bear the weight of the shoe , like a blade repeatedly under tremendous stress , leading to wear and tear . If not resolved, the athletes will wear pain and reduces the machining accuracy and the manufacturer's productivity.

      According to Kay printed Broach understanding , normal wear of any type of material may cause blade failure. Flank wear normal wear and tear is the most popular form , because it is the easiest type of tool failure predictable . Flank wear is generally very uniform, wear it with cutting edge processing materials gradually emerged, like the blade becomes blunt .

      When fragments of the workpiece by hot welding junction to the cutting edge , will produce BUE , which is the presence of chemical affinity , high pressure and high temperature due to the cutting zone . BUE will eventually fall off, sometimes together with the blade falling debris , causing chipping and rapid flank wear .

      Blade depth of cut notch wear and began chipping when this failure mode becomes significant. To prevent wear of the groove , the key is changed in a multi- stroke cutting depth processing , using a tool having a large rake angle , and increase the cutting speed in the processing of high temperature alloys, reducing the feed rate , increasing the grinding depth of cut carefully to prevent dust accumulation , especially when processing stainless steel and high temperature alloys .

      When the cutting edge is exposed to the force exceeds its inherent strength , the blade will be mechanically ruptured . Any failure modes discussed in this article are likely to lead to mechanical breakdown.

      In addition to normal flank wear outside , by correcting for all other failure modes can avoid mechanical rupture. Use more impact-resistant grades , choose a more robust blade geometry, using a thicker blade , reducing the feed rate and / or depth of cut , verify workpiece clamping rigidity and check whether they contain hard inclusions or difficult to cut , these are effective corrective measures .

      It is noted HL printed Broach, increase productivity , to improve tool life and the life of consistency, accuracy , and improve the appearance of parts, reduce wear and tear on equipment , and reduce the likelihood of catastrophic failure of the blade , to avoid interruption of production and an important component affected .

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