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Taizhou Kaiyin Tools Factory is located in Yuhuan, in the middle of gold coast of sou
theast of zhejiang, which is in the between
of Ningbo and Wenzhou.
Our factory specializes in producing national standard (GB-T3478-1995) German standard, American standard, and other non-standard products, including internal spline broaches......
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Our tool industry a brief analysis of the cost of the manufacturing process
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China 's economy is experiencing a turning point changes, bid farewell to the era of double-digit growth of about 8 per cent of GDP in the future growth rate may become the norm , in 2013 the growth rate may become the norm , in 2013 has not been sustained and rapid growth before situation, while continuing to maintain the downward trend of 22 consecutive months , including the case of weak growth , strategic tool industry must adjust , adapt to the new environment for development. How can sustainable development ? Talking point of reference .

   According to Kay India Broach noted that the current high-speed , high efficiency, the use of a wide range of precision tools is not enough , seriously hampered the country 's economic development and the manufacture of power shift . With the continuing sharp rise in prices of raw materials and labor costs , over the next five - 10 years , China's rapid , efficient and accurate tool has huge space for development , it is necessary for the long-term in-depth discussion of advanced manufacturing processes and tool technology to China's manufacturing industry to improve production efficiency , accuracy and value-added products .

With the improvement of the level of modern technology , equipment replacement faster and faster, the current replacement rate of up to 10-15 years to replace generation. To recover the cost of investment in equipment in such a short period of time and make a profit , you must fully tap the potential of the tool. According to the data analysis: the tool costs account for 2.4 to 4% of the manufacturing cost , but it directly affects the manufacturing costs accounted for 20% of the machine cost and 38 % of the labor costs.

Tool as an important part of the equipment manufacturing industry and cutting important tool determines the processing efficiency of parts manufacturing , precision, quality. From 2012 , China began after the tool industry has experienced 10 consecutive years of rapid development, sales situation worsened, and entered a state of the market downturn seen for many years , into 2013 , the overall situation in the domestic market has yet to see the tool significantly improved .

According to Kay India Broach understand , there is an algorithm that is put into the machine and tool ratio of 9:1 to 7:3 , as long as the investment tool in place , cutting speed and feed speed is increased by 15 to 20 percent per can reduce manufacturing costs of 10 to 15 %. Data on the economic analysis of machining said: Because the tool costs in parts manufacturing costs in the proportion of only 3% to 5% of the purchase price if the tool is reduced by 30% , saving companies only 1% cost of parts ; If you purchase a good tool , the tool life expectancy by 50% , companies are only 1% of the component cost savings ; However, if the purchase of a high performance tool to improve the cutting ability , improve processing efficiency ( assuming a 20% increase ) , then you can save 15 % of the parts cost.

" Twelfth Five-Year " period , China's machine tool industry to accelerate development and achieve the important opportunity to grow stronger . China Metal Cutting Machine Tool Technology Industry Association Hao Ming said at the meeting , Chinese industries and enterprises and the urgent need for specialists in advanced manufacturing processes and tool technology, painstaking research, digestion , and absorption of foreign advanced technology , combined with China 's national conditions and then innovation. Participants said they would vigorously develop efficient production of advanced tools , pay attention to sales , while more attention to after-sales service , innovative efforts to end tool market forward.

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