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Taizhou Kaiyin Tools Factory is located in Yuhuan, in the middle of gold coast of sou
theast of zhejiang, which is in the between
of Ningbo and Wenzhou.
Our factory specializes in producing national standard (GB-T3478-1995) German standard, American standard, and other non-standard products, including internal spline broaches......
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Keyseat broach series
Spline broach series
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Triangular spline
Involute spline
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Process of Spline shaft grinding
ADD:Auto&Motorcyle Industrial Park, Yuhuan, Zhejiang
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  According to Kay India keyway  Broachs learned that mold tool industry in 8 categories:

A drilling tool categories:

1, straight, taper shank twist drills (φ0.5 ~ φ50) 2, straight, taper shank reamer (φ4 ~ φ50) 3, straight, long taper shank twist drills (φ1.5 ~ φ50) 4, nested expansion drill holes (φ25 ~ φ52) 5, straight, taper shank carbide twist drills (φ5 ~ φ50) 6, straight, taper shank Countersinks (φ8 ~ φ80) 7, a type of whole ground spiral groove center drill (φ1 ~ φ6) 8, four blade step drill (φ6 ~ φ50) 9, four edge countersink holes drilled (φ16 ~ φ26) (made pliers Plant) 10, two blade step drill (φ2 ~ φ30)

Second, the reaming tool categories:

1, together, Engineering steel hand reamer (φ2 ~ φ50) 2, the hand with a long blade 1:50 taper pin reamer (φ4 ~ φ50) 3, straight, taper shank machine reamers (φ1.5 ~ φ50) 4, sleeve-type machine reamers (φ25 ~ φ100) 5, straight, taper shank carbide machine reamers (φ6 ~ φ40) 6, valve seat reamer 7, 1:50 taper off hand Son reamer (φ3 ~ φ50) 8, spiral reamer

Third, the milling cutter categories:

1, straight, taper shank end mills (φ2 ~ φ50) 2, convex, concave milling cutters (r1 ~ r20) 3, straight, long blade taper shank end mills (φ4 ~ φ50) 4, Woodruff keyway milling cutter ( φ1.5 ~ φ8) 5, straight, taper shank keyway cutter (φ2 ~ φ50) 6, t-groove cutter (φ5 ~ φ36) 7, straight teeth and face milling cutters (φ50 ~ φ160) 8, cylindrical milling Knife (φ40 ~ φ100) 9, the wrong tooth face milling cutters (φ63 ~ φ125) 10, blade cutter (φ60 ~ φ200) 11, symmetric double angle cutters (φ50 ~ φ160) 12, 13 taper end mills, Single angle milling cutters (φ35 ~ φ80) 14, spiral end mill

Fourth, thread cutter categories:

1, 2 hand taps, machine taps 3, 4 grinding spiral flute tap, round die 5, thread rolling dies 6, 7 Roll plate, cone (column) 8 pipe thread tap, tapered (column) pipe thread die

V. Measuring categories:

1, 2 smooth limit gauges, thread plug, ring 3, the disc-shaped calipers 4, 5 plug width, smooth plug, ring 6, the length of the double-sided card rules

Six, turning, broaching knife categories:

1, 2 square tool bits, rectangular tool bits 3, 4 turning circle, round broaches 5, round push knife

Seven non-standard cutting tool categories:

1, parabolic trough deep hole drilling - straight, long taper shank drill diameter: φ1mm ~ ~ φ80mm Length: 100mm ~ ~ 2000mm, which, diameter, blade length, according to the required length of the production. 2, all kinds of advanced composite tool: ladder drill, drill reamers, reamer complex, composite Reamer. 3, various types of high-speed steel, cobalt steel non-standard measuring tools, cutting tools by map production.

Eight, woodworking tools:

Various drills, Lou cutter series, finger knife, knife floor, doors knife series.

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