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Broach ---- entire hard drills, end mills hard the whole development status
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  According to Kay India keyway  Broaches understanding of complex high speed steel cutting tools in addition to forming tool (blade root cutters, gear hobs, broaches, taps), mostly belonging to low-volume low-end value of the tool. International Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui mold pointed out that with the rapid escalation of China's manufacturing industry, advanced technology and the continuous promotion of carbide cutting tools, high speed steel cutting tools in the shrinking domestic market, its share is currently less than 60%; cermet maintain steel and cast iron precision turning advantages, its market share of about 2%; ceramic tools in high speed milling, especially in the field of aviation difficult materials to get the promotion, accounting for about 1% of the market share; superhard materials PCD / PCBN of market share of about 2%, mainly in non-ferrous metals and processing of ferrous metals.

1. Status of the entire hard drill

  Drilling under conditions of poor cooling and chip forming conditions, technical requirements, so the drill is also high value-added products. High-end product entire hard drill is mainly used in automotive, aerospace, engineering machinery, high-speed rail, power equipment, power equipment, refrigeration equipment and other high-precision machining fields.

  Only a handful of domestic Tool Company products can enter these high-end manufacturing, to compete with international brands. For example, the tool most demanding automotive engine manufacturing field, can often see only domestic brands have roughly Arnold Suzhou, and Shanghai Zhuzhou Diamond Tools Factory, several enterprises. In recent years, rapid development of Suzhou Arnold, in addition to production of non-standard drill, but has started production and sales of standard whole hard drill in 2011. Even in other precision manufacturing areas, only Zhuzhou Diamond and Suzhou Arnold entire hard drills and compete with international brands in Taiwan. According to rough statistics, about 900 million yuan high-end market demand scale of the entire hard drill, drill bits and high-end hard the whole localization roughly only about 15% of China in 2010.

  Currently on the Chinese market, a common high-end whole hard drill mainly from Europe, America, Japan and other industrialized countries, such as Sandvik, Kennametal, cobalt, lead, Ditaikesi, 玛帕 and Japan's Mitsubishi, Sumitomo, Au, etc. .

  Most of these companies have a lot in Singapore or mainland standard drill inventory, and some non-standard production also drill into China. South Korea, Taiwan, product quality drill is not strong, so the market is also rare.

  Most domestic companies and international line tool tool brand in the entire gap lies mainly in terms of hard drill design, manufacturing details, material selection and coating processing. Performance gap between domestic and drill largest concrete products: drill machining steel parts, replacement gun drill deep hole twist drill, drill machining superalloys, high hardness steel and other materials. In these areas, there were only individual enterprises mastered the design and manufacturing technology.

2. The status of the entire hard mills 

  Entire hard mills can be divided into general-purpose and high-end type II. In general, the universal whole hard mills technical difficulty is relatively small, the product quality gap with foreign countries is not great. In fact, the vast majority of Chinese enterprises carbide cutting tools, including knives private enterprises, state-owned enterprises knife tool factory in mainland China and Taiwan are hard to produce mills dominated the entire industry. Domestic mills entire hard occupation of China at lower prices most of the low-end market, the competition is fierce.

   But in some difficult machining, high speed milling and other high-end manufacturing areas, China established the entire hard is still a gap between the milling cutter quality and world brands, such as: high hardness material processing mills, high speed milling, titanium alloy cutter, graphite milling, milling aviation synthetic materials, precision milling and so on. Higher added value throughout these hard mills, and the major market share occupied by foreign manufacturers, such as Sandvik, Kennametal, Dai Jie, Hitachi, Frasa, Prototyp, SGS, Jabro, OSG, Hanita, LMT, etc.

   According to incomplete statistics, China high-end market is about 15 billion yuan in 2010 the entire hard mills demand, the localization rate of nearly 30%.

   According to Kay India keyway  Broaches learned, challenges and areas for improvement are facing include: mechanical and structural properties: hardness, strength, wear resistance; thermal and chemical properties: heat resistance, insulation resistance, catalytic; biological characteristics: adaptability, insecticidal properties; electronic and optical properties: reflectivity, transparency and the like. In recent years, (Ti, Al) coated carbide tool in high-performance tool market has occupied a dominant position. High demand in some special applications to promote the development of a special coating or precision coating.

   Now, the tool must address the gap between Chinese enterprises and foreign enterprises, including the underlying technology, innovation, marketing and service capabilities and so on. The tool should allow the user needs and business to become an innovation-driven, leading companies should be prepared to lead an exemplary role in technology applications.
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