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Taizhou Kaiyin Tools Factory is located in Yuhuan, in the middle of gold coast of sou
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Our factory specializes in producing national standard (GB-T3478-1995) German standard, American standard, and other non-standard products, including internal spline broaches......
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Power tools to speed up the pace of brand building
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Of the power tool industry to survive, to develop, only under state policies, efforts and hard work, they have to live up to expectations, the complaining is useless. Finally, the delegates unanimously determined to forge ahead, make the effort to vigorously explore the international market, expand exports, fight for the working principles of the formation of large quantities benign situation as soon as possible and put it into practice. Aware, According to Kay printed Broach and power tools in China from the early 1990s to start industries that target strong international demand for power tools in Europe, North America dominate the market. At the same time, on the mid-1980s began, the well-known foreign manufacturers of power tools are factory built to our country, and has expanded each year.
Electric tool industry and actively introduce the technology for its own strength, the rapid development of China's foreign exchange integrated in the power tool industry in recent years, rapid development, but in contrast to the foreign-related enterprises or backward level. The rapid development of the power tool industry, the technology is very important. Particularity of the power tool industry, which belongs to the high-tech industry, companies must actively introduce techniques to enhance their own strength.
Electric tool industry, belongs to the advanced equipment manufacturing industry, enhanced services and advanced manufacturing. Electric tools are widely used in the field of aerospace, high-speed railway construction, shipbuilding, automobiles, and other advanced equipment manufacturing industry and the construction of roads, decoration, wood processing, metal processing production.
Global power industry, according to the technical requirements of the product, applications, technical level, can be divided into three levels of professional standards and a family. Among them, the industrial-grade power tools products, mainly for high machining accuracy or the work of environmental protection requirements in the workplace, such as the field of aerospace, high technology requirements, higher profits, small market; DIY family a grade power tools for less precision long continuous running time occasions such as home decoration, simple decoration with low technological content, low profits. Largest power tools manufacturer in China to produce home power tools products, product selling prices as a primary means of competition, all in a low state of disorderly competition.
Professional power tools in technical content, scope of application, the value of the product or the product gross margin level, far higher than the home-made products. Professional-grade power tools power, high speed, motor long service life, can continue for a long time duplication of work, high technology content, high profits and market a wide range of high trade barriers, high brand value characteristics.
Domestic electric tools industry in general, production DIY family an electric tool products accounted for the vast majority to form a product line of professional-level products factory is extremely rare, industry concentration is low, the lack of leading enterprises. From the development trend, the domestic brand experience in the industry reshuffle, and finally the formation of a number of leading enterprises and norms, orderly; between domestic and foreign brands, will also be re-allocate market share of domestic brands continue to replace the foreign brands. Celebrates the internal integration of the needs of the industry, will give business leaders.
Improve the product structure, comprehensive service capabilities, strengthen As mentioned above, the power tool market situation is very good, but the problem is, domestic electric tools imperfect structure of the domestic sales market, power tools, the most traditional high-speed power tools and the general level of hard alloy tool standards.
Corporate structure adjustment is imperative we recognize that the implementation of corporate restructuring within the brand strategy and industry are inseparable. According to Kay India Broach understand a lot of the number of enterprises of the power tool industry in China, it is understood, the past 10 years, China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association power tools Branch to strengthen the industry survey, and actively promote corporate restructuring of the industry. Regional businesses are more concentrated in the power tools, such as Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai and other places, strongly advocated great loss, many enterprises through technological innovation, the introduction of advanced production technology and testing equipment at or near the foreign advanced equipment level. In personnel training, the introduction of these backbone enterprises or self-training a large number of skilled and good marketing personnel, the establishment of a high-quality high-efficiency personnel. In marketing, a lot of backbone enterprises to learn advanced experience of the world-renowned electric tools enterprises, and combined with the domestic situation, constantly optimize marketing strategies to achieve simultaneously improve product quality and marketing.
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